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NF 2017 System Requirements
NF 2017.1
NF 2017.1.1 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.2 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.3 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.4 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.5 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.6 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.7 and Hotfixes
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NF 2017.1.9 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.10 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.11 and Hotfixes
NF 2017.1.12 and Hotfixes
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This Service pack contains new features:    
  • LMS Credit Sync (Freestone)
  • Document Storage Migration Tool
  • WE Integration
  • Subscription AutoPay
  • Crowd Wisdom - Merge from 2017 to 2015
  • UI Converstions
Module Description
Abstract [2017UI] [Conversion] Advertising - Advertiser Profile Conversion to New UI
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] CRM - Individual - Chapter Relationships Add/Edit Page Conversion to New UI
Abstract [2017UI] [Conversion] Payment Method Profile
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Staff Commission - Sales Rep
Admin [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Dynamic Form
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Price/account
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Shipping Region
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Room Setup Category
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Opportunity
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Invoice Message
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Payment Batch Header Profile Profile
COI [2017UI] [Conversion] Questionnaire Request Header Profile
Fundraising [2017UI] [Conversion] Recurring Gift Bulk Cancel Task Profile
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Currency Profile
Awards [2017UI] [Conversion] Award Entry Profile
Admin [2017UI] [Conversion] Task Scheduler Profile Profile
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Price - Edit Profile
Exhibits [2017UI] [Conversion] Exhibit Priority Point Detail Profile
COI [2017UI] [Conversion] COI Participation Profile
Awards [2017UI] [Conversion] Award Stage Profile
E-Marketing [2017UI] [Conversion] Source Code Profile
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Zzz Events Fee Profile
Grants [2017UI] [Conversion] Grant Distribution Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Product Type Profile
Grants [2017UI] [Conversion] Grant Applicant Profile
Fundraising [2017UI] [Conversion] Pledge Renewal Task Profile
COI [2017UI] [Conversion] Questionnaire Profile
Subscriptions [2017UI] [Conversion] Subscription Fulfillment Batch (Add) Profile
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Scoring Weight Profile
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Customer Request Document Profile
CEU [2017UI] [Conversion] CEU Credit Profile
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Abstract Upload And Author Add Form Profile
Case Management [2017UI] [Conversion] Case Profile
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Finance Charge Task Profile
Committees [2017UI] [Conversion] Committee Nominations Profile
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Events Speaker Profile
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Classified Ad Type Profile
Grants [2017UI] [Conversion] Grant Program Profile
Admin [2017UI] [Conversion] User Profile
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Product/event Track Fee - Add Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Product/miscellaneous Product Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Package Profile
COI [2017UI] [Conversion] Questionnaire Review Profile
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Rate Card (add, Profile) Profile
Development Toolkit [2017UI] [Conversion] Object Profile
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Individual - Sales Profile
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Organization - Sales Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Product/merchandise - Add Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Product/publication (add) Profile
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Batch Profile
Development Toolkit [2017UI] [Conversion] Dynamic Form Profile - better organization of the information and options
General [Document Storage] Document Storage Migration Tool - Main program
General [Document Storage] Document Storage Migration Tool - Conversion Documentation
General [Document Storage] Document Storage Migration Tool - DEV Testing
General [Document Storage] Document Storage Migration Tool - QA Testing
Accounting [Document Storage]: Can’t open the “Batch export” file from the period profile page.
General [LMS] [Crowd Wisdom] Purchase Notification does not work from xWeb
xWeb [LMS Notifications] LMS Product Purchase Notification from netFORUM to Freestone
CEU [LMS Sync] LMS Events and Publication Credit Setup -- Freestone ONLY
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] 2017UI value parsing
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Implement Help Text for Heading and Divider Widget types
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Create Time Picker Widget
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] List Pages
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Implement Update Grid Widget for 2017UI (rendering)
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Implement Update Grid Widget for 2017UI (saving)
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Implement Update Grid Widget for 2017UI (design)
Development Toolkit [2017UI] [NFR] DateTime MVC Widget Type
Outlook Integration [Outlook / Office 365] Allow user to optionally update NFE that the email was sent
CRM [Outlook / Office 365] New Office-Addins Framework (Web Version)
Outlook Integration [Outlook / Office 365] Creation and deployment of new site for the Office-Addins
Outlook Integration [Outlook / Office 365] Allow user to send emails to contacts from NFE (Super Search)
Subscriptions [Subscription AutoPay] Subscription Renewal AutoPay - QA Only Renewal Task
Subscriptions [Subscription AutoPay] Eweb Enroll in subscription Autopay should include saved payments
Subscriptions [Subscription AutoPay] Subscription Renewal AutoPay - Code Review and Merge from Shelveset Only
Subscriptions [Subscription AutoPay] Subscription Renewal AutoPay - QA UI Changes
Subscriptions [Subscription AutoPay] eWeb - The Automatically Renew column value is not aligned properly
Framework [2017UI] Childform option personalization needs to fall back to default behavior for columns that are added afterwards
General [2017UI] Grandchildform icon column appearing as blank label when customizing columns to display on the parent childform
General [2017UI] In New UI, when a Child Form has a Override Add Link for a Wizard form, that Link is not observed when clicking the Add button on the Child Form
General [2017UI] While deleting the child records , database names of the columns gets visible on screen.
General [2017UI] iWeb: "Print Preview" is displaying the top icons as black circles.
Fundraising [2017UI] NewUI_Fundraising_GiftProfile: While saving changes made in gift profile silent errors are generated .
Accounting [2017UI] Accounting_Installment: 'Go to Payment' link from any order is open a right payment profile (apparently)
Advertising [2017UI] Advertising_Agencies_Add - Agency: Application throws an error "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier. SQL Server syntax error converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier. REPORT_COD
CRM [2017UI] After run "Reset to baseline" or "Remove all personalization" the list browsing arrows are missing in the top
Development Toolkit [2017UI] ChildForm Titles need to parse variables
Fundraising [2017UI] Fundraising: The undefined numbers in Ask Ladder range display NaN
Development Toolkit [2017UI] Chain Event does not working for Sub forms
Development Toolkit [2017UI] Missing ClearCache link in navigation menu
Development Toolkit [2017UI] List.cshtml is missing from the iWeb solution file
Advertising [2017UI] Phone Number/Email, added from DropDownListAddEdit on "Add Agency" form, does not get reflected on Add Agency form, rather it refreshes the form on clicking SAVE.
Framework [2017UI] Log error when ListPages fallback to ClassicUI
General [2017UI] DateTimePicker widget has an issue in the server-timing
General [2017UI] Events > Event Planning > List Active Events > Event Profile > Faculty Tab > Speaker Child Form > Presentations Child Form The "Presentations" child form is stuck at loading.
Admin [2017UI] Admin_ TaskScheduler_ Edit Task scheduler on New UI does not contain all Renewal Information as compared to Classic UI
Inventory [2017UI] After saving any record in "Shipping Region" child form, we get an error popup.
General [2017UI] Edit_Order_Profile:The lookups always appears in red.
General [2017UI] DateTimePicker: Needs add extra minutes to the current time in the future depending the SO
Framework [2017UI] Currency formatting for update grids in Input widget is throwing an error
Admin [2017UI] Task Scheduler: After save the task it is always displaying "Ending date of scheduled task must be in the future" error when the recurrence field is in read only
Framework [2017UI] Automatic chaining is going to fields outside the current form, but not fields within
Framework [2017UI] Invoice child forms are not being ordered correctly
Framework [2017UI] Dropdowns are skipping blank value
Fundraising [WE Integration] Establish new Rest API
Fundraising [WE Integration] WE data display

Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.13

--- Added for service pack items only, the fixed 'previous build' column. If the column is blank this indicates the item is new to 2017EP version.

Service Pack 13

Issue # Module Description Previous Release
15834 CRM Changing an Individual's Address Type changes the address type for all past Address Change Logs for the Individual  
17889 Inventory Inconsistent icons on the Complementary Products child form  
18418 CRM "Adr_country" is case sensitive  
19642 Subscriptions "Subscriber Profile": Subscription not showing as "cancelled" even though the invoice shows it as being "voided"  
20531 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting Period Summary Reports period drop down in random order  
20657 Accounting “Revenue available for recognition”/ “Revenue Recognized” reports are incorrectly including "cancelled invoices"  
21045 CRM Foreign Address Label displays Province Code vs Province Name  
21047 Baseline Reports/Queries Query event registrants - cannot query event code when using "is equal to" and "ask at run time" is checked  
21081 Case Management On Case Management overview page there is a link that shouldn’t be there  
21109 Admin User management group item link shows 'Record is Deleted'  
21173 Case Management There isn’t a way to select a case decision in the case profile  
21323 CRM When adding an Org to Org relationship the "parent" flag is not shown as "checked"/"flipped" even though it was "checked" when saved  
22012 Inventory When adding a publication downloadable file on the publication profile, the 'file to download' URL is adding a path of '/IISWebSiteName/iweb/abc/' before the filename  
22286 Accounting Fields misaligned with labels when you edit/add GL Accounts
22389 Baseline Reports/Queries The "Gift Summary Report" shows cancelled invoices  
22607 Events Alignment] "Event Profile": the "Event URL" and "registered main count" are overlapped and unreadable  
22812 eWeb, Framework When Toolkit changes are made to an "eWeb form" this is not reflected right away. The app pool has to be recycled first; [Cache] Table.GetFields() uses its own dedicated Config.CachedTablePermissions data which is not auto-updated  
23297 Accounting Pre-Processing batch pointing to GL account within WRONG Business Unit ("Error: The GL Account used is in-active.")  
23303 E-Marketing "Prospect Import Wizard" allows you to import "duplicate" emails when SO "DuplicateEmail" is set to "Deny"  
23502 CRM "Edit contact info": saving a Customer who has a "blank phone number" causes "BlankUpdate Delete" logic to run prior to the UPDATE. The DELETE statement conflicted with REFERENCE constraint "FK_co_customer_co_customer_x_phone" 2017.1.11.1
24282 CRM [2017UI] "Individual/Organization Profile detail": when you "delete" a record from a "child form" using the "delete" icon, you have to refresh the Profile page manually to see the change  
24334 CRM [Performance] "Audience" performance issue when you have a lot of queries for an "object"  
24535 xWeb [Performance] Performance issue with "sc_open_invoice_list" stored procedure  
24559 Membership "Membership Renewal Task": Confirmation emails are not sent when mass "membership renewal" process is run  
24583 CRM [2017UI] "Individual Profile > Edit name & address": Unable to add "non-existent" Organization (Error: "Unfortunately, some features have failed to load...")  
24746 Centralized Order Entry COE: When adding the same item/price to the Shopping Cart... at certain times the pay amount ("net payment") will become $0.00 (zero) unexpectedly  
24909 Accounting Incorrect "project key" added to ledger records / if one of the "deferral prices" does not have a "project key" the same "project key" is placed for all of the misc transactions ledgers  
24942 Accounting iWeb: Cannot "apply payment" if "Batch > Default Transaction Type" is "proforma"  
24990 Accounting "Add/Edit Customer Payment Info" form: Cardholder address overwritten/ pre-populated with "primary" address when adding/editing a "stored payment"  
25000 Fundraising [NFR] [2017UI] "Fundraising > Constituent Profile": System displays "Edit name & address" form in "Classic Mode"  
25035 Events COE: Error generated when adding an "Event Sponsor" - "Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length"  
25123 Centralized Order Entry "COE > Edit Line Item" form: the "Apply Discounts" box is grayed out for Kits/Event Registration/Membership/other products  
25125 CRM "Edit contact info": saving a Customer who has a "blank FAX number" causes "BlankUpdate Delete" logic to run prior to the UPDATE  
25187 Events Test emails do not have the header and footer even though the selected template has them set up  
25195 Subscriptions Customer sells membership packages that have subscriptions attached to them. When trying to purchase the products there is missing mxi_keys  
25205 Accounting Deferred account is incorrectly "debited" when a deferred product is "sold" after the "prc_recognize_after" date, and the invoice is "cancelled"  
25240 CRM "Customer Request" emails going out without the "embedded sub-templates": Header/ Footer  
25241 CRM "Add Customer Request" form: Uploaded "document" is available to "other" individuals when you choose "Send Always"  
25314 General [LMS] [CrowdWisdom] Return/Cancel from Invoice Detail Profile does not sync with CrowdWisdom  

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