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Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.7

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Issue Number Description
17691 Print preview does not work
17764 Annual deferral record is incorrect
18058 eWeb Add Self Report Credit form has duplicate title
19006 Bug: Gift thank you email not sent out when an invoice with a fundraising product is paid on eWeb.
19093 Quickbooks Export Trnstypes & Date
19278 Event document file document size
19418 When you add a membership to the cart in iWeb and then add an event registration the prices is changing to an incorrect price
19500 The shipping notice (truck) does not always display when adding shippable products to COE. It may display after adding a source code. It is less consistent when adding products via PLU.
19509 Event Closed text shows on Event registration wizard
19611 BackOrder pop up doesn't popup in COE for Publications
19613 Check Notes Flag Does Not Display
19624 Unable to copy misc product
20079 Subscription Fulfillment Process timeout
20127 Exhibitor: cancelling one booth cancels the exhibitor from the exhibit despite the exhibitor still having more booths
20160 Issue with Edit CEU on Event Profile - credits from various events display
20179 Add - Exam => Error updating record. No rows affected.
20195 Cannot search orders to be fulfilled by non default warehouse
20199 The “validate method” always fails when validating a method for a workflow “program code” task type with “facadeobject” as one of the parameter
20262 Quick event registration throws an error when trying to add fee. "Number of registrants cannot exceed the number of available registrations"
20436 Internal and external notes added when going back into exhibitor management and adding more booths don’t show in invoice
20587 Any Constituent can be deleted - no Constraint to prevent constituent from being deleted

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
19811 LowestPriceOnly - SystemOption confusing as the functionality not completed for Event Fee in eWeb
20662 The Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge functionality is not working properly for Recurring gifts
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