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Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.5

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Issue Number Description
17455 When in Edit Mode for Personalize. You are not able to drag and re-organize a child form.
17712 Product Code Name should be required on the add/edit Publications form
17764 Annual deferral record is incorrect
17925 On Constituent Information form in Fundraising module, tabbing is out of order.
18397 UDFs Display In Lowercase Only
18403 Duplicate individual records not merging when they have the same designation
18682 Physical Inventory Filter doesn't filter on entire list
18753 Membership Renewal Task form not showing correct notification values
18822 Only one booth shows when the quantity is increased on the review page in coe
19044 PLU on COE pulls always the lowest price and ignores the price attributes
19313 Add Org icon, from Add Individual, missing
19372 Subscription reference number field not displaying on Subscription Renewal form
19438 Transfer gift process is not creating a credit for the amount of the original gift
19442 Fund code and gl accounts incorrect if you select a different fund during creation of gift
19551 Subscription: Fulfillment Report Export - CSV does not include address fields.
19595 COE: D/N Update to Mbr Prices When Adding a dues product - MUST be included in 2014.1.5
19658 Cute Editor is not holding the changes
19755 Advertising - Add Insertion Order: Cannot Pick Issues

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
19447 Address cannot be added in Exhibitors Profile
19448 Address cannot be added in Advertiser Profile
19995 When adding a Fundraising Gift, codes are not auto-populating properly when a Fund is selected or changed
19393 Edit Registration Fees form is blank

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
19623 Transfer membership with deferral has the wrong credit amount
19954 Credit created but not charged in vantiv for invalid card
19900 Cannot Apply Discounts on eWeb when discount is set to be applied to multiple products/prices
18690 Save For Later Override not respected on eWeb Modal windows
18189 For scheduling tasks, the Now button by run task datetime points to computer time, not server time
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