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Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.13

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Issue # Module Description
22917 Accounting No "credit" created and the "refund" does not go to the payment processor after "return/cancel" on an invoice and selecting "auto-refund"
22901 xWeb xWeb: Cancel date not updated when making an xweb call to the ev_registrant object
22954 E-Marketing When Invoice Transaction Date "inv_trx_date" is parsed in email templates, it shows the time stamp
22510 CRM When choosing a saved/stored ACH payment method, the CD screen doesn't pull in the saved "account number"
22458 Inventory Item with DECLINED credit card can still be Fulfilled  (SO: RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = "true")
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts
23046 General Increase speed of SQL query to load UI links
22552 Subscriptions "Subscription Fulfillment" process incorrectly reducing the number of issues "remaining"

Hotfix 3

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20551 Payment Processing Voided same day payments are sent as credit to Sage [and all gateways] Updated InvoiceVoidExtension to allow netFORUM to attempt a gateway-Void if the operator wants to void all the payment details in a netFORUM payment.
22027 eWeb eWeb:  does not correctly calculate Invoice Amount on a "partially paid" invoice that is added to the Shopping Cart added, updated and deleted several fields over COE in eweb, also changed logic on code
22466 eWeb eWeb: When using the Add Individual process in eWeb, the person's e-mail address that is being newly added ends up within the individual record of the person that is actively entering the information Created a workflow for a IndividualEmail and Individual-eWeb (member directory) and verify that the emails are correctly updated.
22995 CRM Designations removed/ deleted after "editing name & address" N/A
23021 CRM AddressCorrection: "Group1" address validation the URL endpoints need to be updated Changed config settings to the new "pitneybowes" endpoint URLs
23041 Reports "A/R Aging" report reporting "Discounts" as "outstanding amount" on installment invoices N/A
23050 CRM Increase number of characters for "interest code" (itc_code) N/A

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Module Description Dev Notes
22297 Development Toolkit Parameter set to NVARCHAR(2000) over-loaded with string of less than 700 characters (Stored Procedure "sc_merchandise_list") Altered sc_merchandise_list such that instead of preloading a long string of data onto a single variable, the strings are combined at query time.
22860 eWeb eWeb (mobile): Render menus dynamically from underlying CMS metadata, rather than hard-coded HTML (ensure a web page is viewed on a "mobile" device same as on a "desktop" browser) Refactored the default pane (Menu Bar) so now the web links are retrieved from database to build the Menu Bar dynamically.
22865 Events "Copy Event": Computed GUID column causes errors "The column X cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator" Added av_key validation in insert/update since in baseline we do not have a case where a computed column is av_key.
23011 Centralized Order Entry Error "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier" is thrown when paying a membership invoice that has a complementary product and "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulFillment" system option is "false" Added a conditional statement to not set the oOrderEntry invoice key with an empty value.
23137 Fundraising [Performance] Gift Details Task performance to be improved by two new indexes. No behavioral change Added two SQL indexes to improve performance of Gift Details task.
23153 Accounting Payment_Process:  Wrong fields are displayed at "Add Payment Wizard" form for "Check" payment method. Deleted unnecessary conditions for making invisible the following controls: pin_eft_account_number, pin_eft_routing_number, pin_eft_account_type.
23167 Accounting "Collective Dues > Select Invoices to Pay" form: "distribute credit" applying incorrect "credit amount" / does not distribute FULL "credit amount" Corrected issue in ac_invoice_detail to stop add to credit to apply when the credit had no more balance left. Also improved the performance of the DistributLiability method as well as track the idc_credit_to_apply during distribution.

Hotfix 5

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
17597 Accounting Cannot close batch due to calculation of split-revenue being partially recognized. Fix was a refactoring on the process deferral for payment return where the return code and amount is added on ledger table, but the gl account for the unrecognized portion is missing when we have split prices.
21578 Reports "Customer Statement" report showing the incorrect "Bill To" customer Changed the "Arrange by Sell to or Bill to Customer" parameter logic in the sproc to use the Billing customer over the Invoice customer when the "Either" option is selected.
21904 eWeb eWeb membership renewal does not display all information and use different layout if membership renewal is linked to a chapter membership Made a metadata change of layout type on the grid control for the membership chapter object (DESIGNEDLISTCONTROL_DOD_Chapter Membership).
22734 CRM "Add Organization" allows you to "save" without an address/"Edit name & address" form - the address is "Required" [2014] Removed the address initialization because we do not need to populate the address at the beginning. [2017] Removed read only and required logic because is not required add an address for a organization when you Edit name and address.
22831 Exhibits Sponsor purchase for Exhibits does not send "confirmation email" correspondence Set missing fields cct_key (email template key) and eml_key (email key) to send the email confirmation on exhibit event sponsor component.
22971 Fundraising eWeb_Make a Pledge : Make a pledge from eweb creates an invoice and payment without payment information record Changed logic so that signed pledges will create the requested payment info record.
23001 Membership National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) does not update (dates flip, etc) when paying a transferred membership. This occurs when a membership is transferred after already having an open invoice created (such as a renewal) The mxi_mxi_key was set in CreateDuesInvoiceRecords method for a chapter and after that never cleared. Added conditional statement to clear the mxi_mxi_key if the membership does not have a relation with another membership and has a chapter related.
23063 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift :  Adding a gift to "Gift Batch Entry" displays an error message "Valid Fund Price is not available, Please create a price with this fund." Called SetPriceKey method without validating if prd_key (in oProduct) or gty_key (in oGiftType) are different than the values in the Gift object.
23235 Centralized Order Entry "iWeb > COE" form: changing "Ship To Address" after selecting a taxed publication does not update the "Tax" Updated logic to check when the shipping address changes and recalculate taxes.

Hotfix 6

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
22302 Events iWeb: "Event Group Registration Wizard" doesn't capture more than 20 registrants (limit) causing Payment error "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data"(constraint "FK_ev_registrant_ac_invoice_detail") Added an extension for removing elements of GroupRegistration collection each time that a postback is done and delete invoice details related with the registrant that was delete it.
22895 CRM The "co_email_optout.emo_optout_flag" remains checked even if the mailing type is unchecked in the "Individual Communications Preference" Added control to verify if the emo_opt_flag was checked or unchecked on promotional emailing type.
22915 Accounting If GL Account codes already exist for a different Business Unit you are not able to add same GL Account code for another Business Unit Calls facade lookup method if one is implemented.
23019 Payment Processing SAGE Payment Processor: When an ACH payment is made and we try to "refund" payment an error appears "Credit could not be granted on the void: UNABLE TO PROCESS" Changed Sage ACH transactions to use CreditWithoutReference "07" TransactionType and null VANReference.
23070 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift :  All left group items /"Navigation menu" expand to "page width" when editing a gift in "Gift Batch Entry" When creating the URL do not include modal parameter if we will not open a new modal.
23086 xWeb xWeb: "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartOpenInvoiceGet" or "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipOpenInvoiceGet" discount not populating in "inv_discount" Discounts were not being properly accounted for when making calculations for several of the fields but making sure the discounts are calculated in will return the correct values.
23122 Fundraising [New UI] Fundraising>Gift: when using "Gift Batch Entry", netFORUM seems to "go to" the "Abstract" module after clicking “Continue” to add the Gift to the Batch Removed invalid URL parameters that was causing invalid behavior on post back.
23178 CRM Individual Profile: not able to remove / delete designation The solution was to change original designation instead of designation to remove the correct designation in edit individual form.
23215 eWeb eWeb: "Tax" rate for specific State (e.g. "DC") does not reflect change after "shipping address" changed on eWeb Added logic in order to distribute the new Tax amount, as we already have a method that the name is Distribute and receive as a parameter the type of the product; we just needed to call to this method.
23319 COI The page errors out if you try to display a wizard that is pointing to a user control. N/A

Hotfix 7

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
22477 xWeb netFORUM 2013 Service pack for TLS 1.2 issue with table lock while using shopping-cart Added NOLOCK query hint for improved performance
23086 xWeb xWeb: "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartOpenInvoiceGet" or "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipOpenInvoiceGet" discount not populating in "inv_discount" Discounts were not being properly accounted for when making calculations for several of the fields but making sure the discounts are calculated in will return the correct values.
23211 CRM Address Correction issues with "Country" field (Occurs with CDYNE and AccuMail) (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices) I tested the first scenario in 2017 with my local data, the second scenario only is reproducible in new UI also I verified this fix in Individual,Organization, Constituent profile, and the third scenario I verifed that the country is a required field.
23222 CRM AccuMail address validation: validate Address for adding "Suite #" puts the "Suite" in the "City" field (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices) Accumail uses Address Line 3 to verify the suite. Added fields to the US address form to indicate this when using the accumail system option. Also modified the validation form so that the page will display suite for Address 3.
23231 CRM AccuMail address validation: when "linking" an Individual to an Organization issue (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices) Update logic of methods that open validation window to return if the linking option is set.
23232 eWeb  eWeb: "Complimentary gifts" page does not display the "donation Purpose"/"donation Amount" when "Purpose"/"Amount" are setup on the "Fund Profile" I test the purpose is set correctly when purchase a complementary product in eWeb
23338 Accounting Intacct Integration: "Department" and "Class" dimensions incorrect in "ledger" record when a product is "purchased" and is "NOT paid" and then "returned/canceled" for a product that uses "price override account" for dimensions Choose override dimensions when the dimensions are set up at price level
23369 Inventory "Discount" is excluded from the "invoiced order" when multiple products (shippable and non-shippable) are purchased in one Cart with the "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment" set to “true” and Discount "number of uses" = 1 changed the logic that checks if the discount is already being used on other invoice to omit invoices with the same invoice # because it means the discount was used on the same purchase
23430 Accounting Deferral records created with incorrect start date and period. "def start date was fixed for 1st year proration :first payment, invoice created, paid full, partial payment; Validation was added to ensure we are displaying the right data for Deferral Revenue available for recognition  report."
Hotfix 8
Issue # Module Description
23300 Fundraising "Fundraising > Constituent Profile": Customer "Source Code" cannot be removed from Organization record
23441 Subscriptions "Subscription Renewal": "invoice terms" are not populating within the invoice/ the renewal invoices are not taking the invoice "batch date" as the "invoice date"
Hotfix 9
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
19699 xWeb https connection problems with load balancer in place Updated xWeb to the latest web service refferences. Added validations to the GetHttpPrefix method in case sslenabled is false and using ssl offloading. Updated PageEditClass and PageListClass to better handle redirects while ussing ssl offloading.
22951 CRM "Contact info > Addresses": "Select address to link" defaults to "individuals address" instead of "null"/"read only" Changed the validation in order to set up "cst_org_name_dn if address is not linked and customer is not an organization". Set up oCustomer based on ixo_ind_cst_key before calling UpdatePrimary and UpdateAddressLabe
23274 Centralized Order Entry  "Credits applied" are cleared out when you select "terms" invoice and you are paying 100% of the cost with "Credits" Added a conditional in order to verify if the credit is applied in the purchase.
23349 CRM CRM: "Audience Counts" appearing as "0" (zero) when list table "joins" contain aliases ("From Table Alias") Changed logic so the sql to get audience counts will join the same tables that would be used by a list page.
23352 Accounting "Add Payment" wizard: when you convert a "proforma" invoice to an "installment billing" invoice, it shows "payment amount" for the first TWO payments even though only the FIRST payment is due Improved sum on vw_ac_invoice_detail_amount_due view for getting the next amount due for a payment installment.
23408 Membership [NFR] "Transfer Membership" wizard should allow you to "transfer both" CHAPTER and NATIONAL memberships to a NEW MEMBER TYPE Modified the existing transfer membership form to allow the user to select a new membership per row to have the ability to choose what to transfer the chapter into instead of only the national.
23413 Accounting Performance issue on trm_num_issues_remain_cp Added a new column trm_issues_fulfilled to table ac_invoice_detail_term, this column keep the count of issues that were fulfilled and will be used to make the calculation of the remaining issues.
23532 Accounting Invoice Profile: Invoices with more than one product type line item display "NO information" Show invoice profiles even if there is more that one product type line item.
Hotfix 10
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20086 CRM Error is thrown upon changing password using Web Login on Ind Profile if you reenter the start date -Your web account has been disabled Split the logic of SendUserPasswordResetEmail: in order to have the validations separated from sending mail, and split the validations one for iweb and other for eweb. Create new virtual field ind_send_mail_reset_flag. Create new web content.
20369 Inventory Disable the "Inventory Transaction" button if there is no Cost of Goods Sold to recognize Added logic to the "Inventory Transaction" button to conditionally disable that button. This is intended to indicate to the user whether there is work to be done (or not).
23014 Events "Export to ASCII/ CSV" does not convert column "names" to column "description" Add toLower in GetColumnAliasFromQueryObj in order to avoid case sensitive comparison
23107 Accounting "Add Payment": Unchecking "Auto Default" when "Adding Payment" causes Overpayment Credit in addition to payment Fix the pin_check_amount when we have a previous payments.
23485 Membership "Membership Renewal" task: allows selecting "proforma" and "terms" simultaneously/ does not carry over the "invoice terms" selected basically the porblem is that the invoice take the default terms from the business Unit we never set th invoice with the correct terms describe in the task. In order to solve the second problem I will set this field with the correct value.
23529 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups": Change Date ("cxa_change_date", "adr_change_date") not updated upon merging Individuals / Organizations Created a new method in order to build a statement, the statement will update the "xxx_change_user, xxx_change_date" columns, the statement is considering the case that some tables doesn't have those columns for that used the Dynamic sql.
23535 CRM GDPR validation not recognizing "terminated" membership date (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has at least one active individual membership. Must terminate before continuing) Changed validation logic for memberships to allow past memberships that have been terminated
23565 CRM "Collective Dues > Select Invoices to Pay" form: "Distributed payment liability..." error upon payment of CD invoice after distributing credits Updated ac_invoice_detail to zero out additional credit details. Took unnecessary work out of PaymentDistributionMethod as well ass added a break to the end of the idc loop. In ac_payment_detail I added a break out of the idc loop.
23567 xWeb Stored Procedure: "ws_exchange_token_new" is missing NOLOCK (table "ws_security") Added NOLOCK hint to ws_exchange_token_new
23573 Accounting Cannot close batch with ITEM having SPLIT-REVENUE accounts, never paid, and returned ("Error: The GL Account is missing") Updated query in method GetAccountSplits added the batch key to the join of ac_deferral and oe_price_x_ac_gl_account.
Hotfix 11
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
22652 Accounting Unable to Import Projects from Intacct across Multiple Business Units Updated the import to check if a company is specified. If one is then it checks to see if a version of the project exists for the company. If it does not it creates one. If it does it checks to see if the name has changed and updates the record.
22962 Membership "Def_next_period_recognized" set to the period after "def_arp_key_end" if Membership is purchased for the Current Year Updated the last query where the deferral records will be update and setting it for next year. This change was applied in Deferral class UpdateNextPeriodToBeRecogForFrequency method.
23415 Subscriptions Subscriber Profile: the "renew" button appears on the page when Subscription is "tied (or linked)" to the Membership/ "Membership Renewal"does not include "linked" Subscription Added code to reset value of trm_ivd_key_previous in method InsertInvoiceDetailTerm when there is a membership linked and it is not a renewal. Removed duplicated InvisibleSQL in dys_data to allow the invisibility of the renew button to work.
23557 Exhibits  "Exhibitor Transfer Wizard": Installment Transfer "payment method" error is displayed Added money conversion in order to set required control condition correctly and avoid to set exhibitor info when is null.
23617 Fundraising Default "Donor category" not added for Constituents created when a GIFT is inserted from COE (CRM) in iWeb/ eWeb/ or via xWeb The problem was we don't set the donor category when we purchase a gift, to solve this problem we added that lines at the moment of insert the gift same as insert ind/org.
23631 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard: when transferring CHAPTER memberships the "Chapter" field does not reflect the NEW "Chapter" Updating the mbr_chp_cst_key during the transfer membership to ensure the chapter is correctly correctly set.
23635 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard: cannot set/change the "credit amount" to $0.00 (zero) Updated the update grid so when the credits field is manually changed it won't be reset on every postback
Hotfix 12
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
18914 Accounting Invoice message that contains carriage return cannot be selected for a report There is a problem in "internet explorer" and "edge" in both navigators the '\n' character is causing problems this doesn't return the value from the control. For that reason instead to get value from the control we get the value from the request.
22606 Accounting Accounting Period: "Revenue Recognized" report calculating "Cancels"/"Ending Balance" amounts incorrectly Logic changed in the Revenue Recognized report stored procedure ( rpt_ac_deferral_revenue_recognized) to properly calculate balance.
22980 CRM "Email to List" function is sending emails to email addresses it shouldn't, which is caused by being able to click the "Send Messages Now!" multiple times The "Send Messages Now!" button is disabled on communications page to prevent multiple requests.
23670 Membership "Subscription Renewal"/ "Membership Renewal": "invoice terms" are not populating within the invoice Updated invoice terms controls to appear as was working before, and let save the selected invoice term.
Hotfix 13
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
23358 Accounting "Collective Dues":  "PaymentsReturnsGenerationTask" not inserting into "ac_return_x_customer" table Add the Config,DebugMode condition to display the error log messages when the debugMode value is true Changes only code
23366 Baseline Reports/Queries "Revenue Available for Recognition" report: "Write off" payment stays ON and doesn't get removed N/A
23699 CRM GDPR Failing on outstanding "credit", but credit has been "refunded" and "batches have been closed" (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit.) Changed the Membership Transfer Extension logic that controls the Membership Transfer form.
23700 CRM GDPR fails on outstanding order, but order has been shipped (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit. / Customer has fulfillments that have not been shipped.) Added condition in order to avoid to remove the shipping product which was added recently
23731 CRM GDPR fails on "End dated" Chapter relationship (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has non-househould relationship to another customer or organization) Update service to convert the currency rates from a currency to a home currency and add anew SO : MulticurrencyAPIkey
23739 CRM [Performance] Using foreign key constraints on "co_relationship_type.rlt_code" when "rlt_key" is faster Override dimensions of GL account when the pyd_type is return in payment transactions, avoid to override liability account in a refund transaction. Rollback changes of 117143
23754 Accounting Batch Profile: Invoice discounted 100% shows in batch with "batch total" 0.00 (zero) instead of "original invoice amount" Change the validation in order to insert a record in ac_return_x_customer to be based on return amount
23780 Membership "Transfer Membership" wizard is creating an invoice with a "balance" when "transfering" National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) and editing "credit amount" and "new price" amount to 0.00 (zero) Multiple problems across both reports ended up being accumulated and causing the problem reported. Multiple fixes on across rpt_ac_deferral_revenue_recognized and av_ac_deferral_def_writeoff_amount_cp fixed the problems.
23815 Membership "Membership Renewal Task": "Membership dates" not updated/"payment" not created when the "CHAPTER Membership" is set to be "auto paid" and associated with the "National Membership" which is $0.00 (zero) Update the "Customer has outstanding Credit" GDPR validation for open credits Only script change
Hotfix 14
Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20716 Payment Processing when you process transactions through eWeb the batch name is going over as the default WEB batch name instead of the batch name that the actual payment was added Verified that the bat_code is set correctly.
21680 Subscriptions Error "Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type varchar." encountered when running the subscription fulfillment process Updated the datatype for 'sfl_cst_recno' column as ac_recno in the 'su_fulfillment_insert' store procedure.
22461 eWeb eWeb: Event fees cannot have both "member"/"non-member" type and "customer attribute 1" as price attributes Added cst_attribute_1 and cst_attribute_2 to the insert of attributes for new member types in the cart.
22940 Membership "Membership > Overview > Change Status": "validation error" on "fw_error_log" once a membership is detected to "change the status" ("An input value... of "36" characters exceeds the max length of "30" characters..on the field "mbs_code") Changed the control name of the listbox so it won't try to load a GUID into a text field that is too small.
23007 eWeb eWeb: New user registration allows sign up using an e-mail that is already in the system, email search only searches on "primary" email (SO: DuplicateEmail=Deny) The HTML of Web Content Detail for the Registration Page was modified which also contained SQL in it.
23133 CRM  Baseline update statements causing great amount of database blocking Baseline update statements causing great amount of database blocking
23367 Membership Deferral record "start date" ("ac_deferral.def_start_date") does not match "mb_membership_x_ac_invoice.mxi_term_start_date" Changed validation of day that to less than or equal to sell after day, when the month is the same.
23685 Membership "Transfer membership": transferring a membership triggers CHECK constraint because SP "mb_membership_transfer_new_dates" that is returning "wrong dates" when getting new dates/ "Failed to Create Membership Renewal" "Transfer membership": transferring a membership triggers CHECK constraint because SP "mb_membership_transfer_new_dates" that is returning "wrong dates" when getting new dates/ "Failed to Create Membership Renewal"
23733 Subscriptions "Subscription Fulfillment" task: Is not possible to fulfill a Subscription (multiple prices) when subscribe again to same subscription using a "second price" Changed ivd_prc_prd_key to ivd_prc_key in order to allow to purchase same subscription for different prices.
23868 Accounting "Generate Next Installment" process updates "Stored Credit Card" "Expiration Date" to incorrect format (YY/MM) when using "Account Updater" Added constraint validation for expiation dates.
23942 eWeb DataUtils.ParseValues() can go into an infinite loop The are several overloads of the framework\data\DataUtils.cs\ParseValues() function susceptible to looping issues, logic updated.
23968 COI "Request Profile ": COI Scheduled message not created after rescheduling a job for a Request "Request Profile ": COI Scheduled message not created after rescheduling a job for a Request
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