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Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.12

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Issue Number Module Description
12875 E-Marketing Templates - bcc does not accept multiple email addresses
16224 Centralized Order Entry In COE, When selecting a different shipping customer, the address does not get updated
17827 Accounting Union Dues: Rounding discount fails
20229 Fundraising If user ran an Individual Profile report in CRM, then goes to Fundraising module, Constituent Profile of a different individual and runs the Individual Profile report from there, it shows the report for the previous individual
20255 CRM When in Edit Mode for Personalize. You are not able to drag and re-organize the tabs. When you move a tab it just goes back to its original location
20399 Subscriptions Keywords search doesn't pull results for Subscriptions. Creates error in Error Log.
21052 eWeb Duplicate assignment is being created when a user enters a request from eWeb.
21325 Baseline Reports/Queries Customer Statement displays closed invoices when there is a credit
21402 xWeb xweb logging does not work.
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts
21687 Accounting In the "Collective Payment" screen, if a user doesn't enter a payment amount, the application allows to select the Next button. This allows the user to move forward and save even though there hasn't been a payment distributed to line items
21790 Centralized Order Entry Backorder confirmation email is sent, when a product has more than 1 inventory locations even though no-backorder exists
22020 Accounting Overpayment on Invoice from the Customer Profile throws constraint error instead of creating a credit ("FK_ac_credit_ac_invoice_cdt_inv_key")
22170 eWeb eWeb: Cancelled invoice line items still showing on invoice (totals incorrect )
22172 Inventory "Stored payment method" tied to an Order isn’t updated when "Customer Payment Info" record is updated
22179 eWeb eWeb: Totals incorrect for partially paid invoice
22193 Membership SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational system causing subscription type DiscountProgram line item to be duplicated when renewing with a different membership package
22208 Accounting CEU earned date (ceu_earned_date) always set to either Event or Session [Should be date they complete training or pass test]
22271 CRM Promotional mailing lists are checked by default in communication preferences, so checking and saving other mailing lists automatically opts you into them
22288 Membership "Membership Drop" process is setting the "mb_membership.mbr_rejoin_date" when it shouldn't be
22295 Accounting Batch fails to pre-process with SQL exception ("A G/L account is missing"/"External component has thrown an exception")
22301 eWeb eWeb: The "payment amount" on a "taxable" "shippable" product changes when "payment method" is changed and the page refreshes
22314 Accounting Subform Grid Controls not updating if "show"/ "number of records" were changed from dropdown
22318 Inventory Cannot fulfill "last" item in inventory if item is marked as "do not allow backorder"
22329 Accounting Collective Payment “credit to apply” values unexpectedly miscalculating and changing
22336 Admin Scheduling a task to execute after another task throws an error "A database check constraint named "ck_tsk_status" requires that the following condition is true..."
22341 COI COI Request "refresh list" button is not working: the "participation type" and "participation code" are not populated in "Edit" form
22364 Events "CEU Credit Generation" task indicates “SUCCESS” but no credits applied to customer profile
22385 Admin If a workflow is being run by both the FacadeClass and DynamicFacade Class then the workflow Is triggered twice
22449 Advertising Check constraint ("CK_ad_insertion_order_bill_to") error when adding "Insertion Order" from the "Insertion Order" child form on the "Contract Profile" of the Advertising module
22450 CRM MAC: Display issue and fields are "read-only" in all modules when using a MAC
22473 Accounting "Collective Dues"/"Union Dues": "Credit Amount" ("ac_credit_detail_x_customer.cdx_amount") incorrect when returning a "Payment" for multiple people
22498 CRM Workflow does not work for eWeb when form's "async save override" flag is set to "Allow"
22512 eWeb eWeb : Shopping cart casting exception on SAML SSO login customization
22514 E-Marketing Events Registrant object list type used in email template does not have value parsed for "evt_title", "ind_first_name", "ind_last_name", "org_name", "reg_badge_name"
22610 eWeb eWeb (mobile): "Menu" contents for a "Web page" when viewed on a "mobile device" browser is different than when displayed on a "desktop" browser
22695 Membership Collective Dues: Payment Returns Generation Task is miscalculating totals
22703 Membership Collective Dues: Returns creditting payments not associated with cancelled individual
22704 Membership Collective Dues: Returns creditting payments not associated with cancelled individual

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Module Description
21839 eWeb eWeb: "Check all" checkbox for "My Communication Preference" does not work
22260 Accounting Multicurrency: Vantiv – "Japanese Yen"/"foreign currency" incorrectly charges the amount submitted from netFORUM
22278 Accounting “A G/L account is missing” error when returning partially-paid, partially-recognized invoice and NOT selecting "writeoff unpaid recognized deferral amount?"
22526 CRM eWeb: If a "Subscription Message"/"Mailing List" is unchecked in "My Communication Preferences" the system adds an "end date" (mk_mailing_list_detail.mld_end_date) preventing it from showing up again

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Module Description
14029 Exhibits Clicking on Exhibitor -> Exhibitor Management -> Can't register booth personnel in the exhibit module Booth Personnel causes errors to be logged into the error log
18229 Accounting Lockbox Import Error for Multi Currency customer
21626 Accounting Ending Balance on "Revenue Recognized" report does not match that of the deferral record if there is a WriteOff
21639 eWeb When there is a "national membership" and a "chapter membership" added to the cart and purchased, duplicate emails are sent out
21675 Outlook Integration Outlook Integration - delete email (co_email.eml_delete_flag = 1) should not display / Recipient should display
21699 eWeb eWeb: Adding a Membership on eWeb without login (anonymously) does not add selected item to Cart ("Your Shopping Cart Is Empty")
21722 eWeb eWeb: Unable to use "Make a Donation"/ "QuickGift" form on eWeb (error "UNABLE TO PROCESS.")
22017 Accounting Cannot edit GL Account which is set up for "Account Split" on multiple prices - GLAccount data object
22323 Admin “Import File Save Task” fails on COE object, error: "Failed to Insert Centralized Order Entry record. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
22409 e-Marketing When Invoice Date: "inv_add_date" is parsed in email templates, it shows the time stamp
22594 Accounting Drop Membership and "Delete Proforma" tasks fail with error "Task: The transaction operation cannot be performed because there are pending requests working on this transaction."
22675 CRM iWeb: "COE > Line Items": updating "net payment" does not perform postback properly (error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object")
22823 eWeb eWeb: Tax for download products only is being applied to non downloaded product

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Module Description Dev Notes
21228 Accounting The "Finance Charge" generate with "invoice date" instead of the time period it is charged and only one "Finance Charge" is generated Previously the invoice charge was creating with no paid invoice transaction date. Now, the charge invoice date which is being created is set up for each no paid invoice terms with the finance charge date.
21540 Membership SP ‘mb_membership_proxy_populate_by_member’ contains a mass-insertion into mb_membership_proxy_ext table which can cause data conflicts and rollback of processes. This can cause processes like the batch-close process to fail The custom changes to Stored Procedure ‘mb_membership_proxy_populate_by_member’ supplied by Support staff corrected the rollback scenario and were applied to baseline.
22128 Exhibits Delete Proforma Invoices task for "Golf"/"Dinner Table" registrations generates the error [constraint "FK_ev_registrant_x_grouping_ev_registrant"] Updated the Stored Procedure to delete all reference constraint on ev_registrant_x_grouping before delete a registrant session.
22483 Fundraising eWeb: duplicate confirmations sent when "gift template" is set in the "Campaign Profile" and a donation is made via eWeb When sending the thank you message from payments we verify if the message was already scheduled or no t to avoid duplicate confirmations.
22543 eWeb Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking not working Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking is now working.
22675 CRM iWeb: "COE > Line Items": updating "net payment" does not perform postback properly (error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object") Issue resolved as outlined in the "what it should do" section. For testing purposes, keep in mind the "additional notes" section.
22739 Membership Membership Transfer - not assigning current price in code MemberTransferMembershipNewItemDataRow Membership Transfer now assigns current price properly.

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Module Description
17979 eWeb System Option: EWebInvoiceLineItemRemoval not functional
18993 eWeb Incorrect event time is displayed on the outlook calendar
21474 Accounting When a fully recognized invoice that has 2 discounted line-items (1 item > $0; 1 item = $0), the discount is deferred is adjusted, the adjustments created cannot be processed when closing the batch.
22183 CRM Designations are not being added with correct spacing/alignment
22326 Reports The Inventory "Stock Status Report" does not account for inventory transfer/re-allocation between warehouses
22415 Reports  "Invoice With Format" report (Receipt): the CVV is not available on invoice
22862 Accounting Multicurrency: Discounts not shown correct in batch (batch amount = product amount "+" discount amount)
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