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Hotfix 1 , available as of 1/23/17

Issue Number Module Description
20653 Advertising Voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and discount, system only sets the aod_delete_flag on the product and NULL the aod_ivd_key. Check Insertion order profile/order Info tab/details child form, discount remains listed.
21390 Membership Price override reason not enforcing for membership products
21421 Accounting Error When Using AuthorizeNet when voiding Credit Card Payment
21437 E-Marketing Embedded images in an embedded template not displaying
21685 Payment Processing The selected "Payment Method" is overwritten when renewing the membership that has "auto-pay membership" with a stored Credit Card

Hotfix 2 ,, available as of 1/31/17

Issue Number Module Description
20983 Accounting When Product Type and Product Orders Are Set to NULL Installment Payment Amount Gets Set to 0
21742 Membership Deferral "Start Date" should be set to membership term start date not invoice date
21803 Events Error message when adding session to a paid registration "You have a session that requires event registration, please select an event fee."

Hotfix 3 , available as of 2/6/17

Issue Number Module Description
20829 Fundraising Signed and Installment Pledges- Personalize Schedule Requires Payment Method
N/A xWeb Missing column alias in WebLoginService method throwing an exception

Hotfix 4 , available as of 2/14/17

Issue Number Module Description
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts
21857 Membership Membership auto payment using tokenized payment method fails when mdr_first_process_date is in the past (error “invalid credit card number”)
N/A eWeb Security Fix: Global.asax updated to handle Internal error due to modification of url variable of aspxerrorpath (Changeset 47048)

Hotfix 5 , available as of 2/18/17

Issue Number Module Description
17808 Accounting Deferred Discount 100% applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.
21502 Inventory Unable to fulfill orders when mailing label contains special characters (sql error "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client")
21877 xWeb Shipping line item added by xWeb is disappearing from eWeb cart

Hotfix 6 ,, available as of 2/28/17

Issue Number Module Description
21475 Accounting When running the recurring gift task and there is one record with invalid account info the all subsequent records after that fail even though the record is not bad
21889 Exhibits Credit from booth transfer becomes unavailable when a transfer is done for an installment exhibitor booth
21908 Accounting If you apply a 100% non-deferred discount to a deferred product, no deferral record is created however, when the invoice is cancelled it debits the deferred account
N/A Accounting When order is 'installment' type, behind 'Generate next installment' icon the 'add order installment generation' scheduler task is also enabled

Hotfix 7 ,, available as of 3/6/17

Issue Number Module Description
21477 Accounting When a fully recognized, partially paid, and taxed item is returned, the tax line-item is not fully returned.

Hotfix 8 , available as of 3/6/17

Issue Number Module Description
21992 xWeb xWeb GetQuery is expecting to receive order by field in requests

Hotfix 9 , available as of 3/10/17

Issue Number Module Description
21987 Accounting Cannot pre-process/close batch with a payment type of "Return". "Progress" freezes at about 25% and records error in error log

Hotfix 10 , available as of 3/13/17

Issue Number Module Description
21929 CRM Setting "Primary" email with brackets  in "comm. preferences" does not send email (e.g. Primary[])

Hotfix 11 ,, available as of 3/20/17

Issue Number Module Description
21984 Accounting Cancelled invoices are still being erroneously included on the “Available for Recognition Report” and the “Revenue Recognized Report”

Hotfix 12 ,, available as of 3/27/17

Issue Number Module Description
21474 Accounting When a fully recognized invoice that has 2 discounted line-items (1 item > $0; 1 item = $0), the discount is deferred is adjusted, the adjustments created cannot be processed when closing the batch.
N/A Accounting Able to apply a discount to a product without regard to deferral settings.

Hotfix 13 ,, available as of 4/4/17

Issue Number Module Description
18092 CRM CRM Committee Quick Report Error
21734 Accounting netFORUM not checking case of letter for CVV check from Sage.
21909 eWeb eWeb: Event Registration using specific "Event Demographics" and "Adding Guest", only shows Guest in Cart
22054 CRM New constraint IX_co_customer_x_address throws "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint" error when adding new individual because the code is not checking for existing record prior to inserting
22116 Accounting Exception error is thrown after we preprocess a batch with a "return/cancelled" deferred invoice that has been written off ("Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types"

Hotfix 14 , available as of 4/11/17

Issue Number Module Description
N/A Advertising Advertising: When voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and addition charges the aod_delete_flag on the additional charges still in 0 and pointing to invoice
N/A Payment Processing Litle_Sage_Accounting_Credit: When doNotSaveCreditCardInfo is false, credit profile does not display payment info after create a credit

Hotfix 15 , available as of 4/18/17

Issue Number Module Description
19537 General Security issue: Customers able to login to other customers' iWeb sites
21292 Membership Issues with method CreateDuesInvoiceRecords on mb_membership class
N/A CRM CRM_ListInvidual_Communication_ AddGroupToMailingList: Error: “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier” is displayed when we tried to create a Mailing List through a list of individuals.

Hotfix 16 , available as of 5/1/17

Issue Number Module Description
20758 eWeb Eweb online registration doesn't work with free events with sessions. Once a free session is added, it has a $0 fee and therefore is using the regular registration instead of free registration wizard.
20993 E-Marketing Call to Actions with a list type of Invoice show as completed, but an e-mail is never sent out
22086 Payment Processing ACH Refund errors: "Error refunding: UNABLE TO PROCESS."/ "Credit could not be granted on the void: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
22145 Membership Member "Transfer" bumps "term dates" to following year and changes "expire date"

Hotfix 17 , available as of 5/8/17

Issue Number Module Description
21427 CRM Resend Confirmation sends badly encoded garbled email (CuteEditor)
21833 Payment Processing eWeb: CVV is not being validated when making a sale: "Credit Card Verification Value does not match. CVV Response Code: 'P'"/"Not Processed"
22201 eWeb eWeb: Register for Event and Session on eWeb causes the "ev_registrant.reg_ivd_key" to use the "ac_invoice_detail.ivd_key" for the Session versus the main Event Registration "ac_invoice_detail.reg_ivd key"
N/A COE COE Exhibits: Card number field allow wrong number with SO PaymentProcessingModel as Single provider

Hotfix 18 , available as of 5/22/17

Issue Number Module Description
20280 Payment Processor Vantiv Automatic Account Updater AAU failure - Length cannot be less than zero for Substring
21087 E-Marketing When sending the COE Confirmation template through the Add Payment form on the Invoice Profile, the template's invoice fields do not get parsed.
N/A Accounting CreditCardFormat update for PCI-DSS Compliance
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