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Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
17245 When you have a membership in order and you search for a product, it does not show the member-prices

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
17314 Multiselects being enabled on invoice lookup

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
17282/17384 Encryption problems with SSN and Credit Cards

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
16469 Membership renewal process report displays blank when number of renewals is greater than 0
17365 Batch report is blank
13233 All prices showing online when lowest price system option set to true

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
17408 Processing payment in xweb batch
17443 Tax rounding issues

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
17531 When a customer attempt to do a rejoin on a membership NetForum is trying to update the deferral from the old membership. Rejoin appears to be updating the existing record instead of created a new one as it did the in the past.
17515 The Registered count does not tally when you do a track fee only event registration.

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Description
17759 Voiding an Installment billing order does not flip the Void Flag on the order detail childform.
17405 Xweb: Execute Method Leaves open connections
17765 When using the union dues payment screen and using the apply credit check box, credit is not applying when amount are not whole numbers.
17409 In certain data scenarios where netForum has to round when selecting the inventory transaction icon when closing a period, error message thrown
17732 Batch Write off process fails when attempting to write off a Union Dues related item.
17627 During the batch-close process that writes transfer-ledger records between two companies is not saving a valid atc_key
17660 When you go to Find or pull up a Pledge that has installment payments and is 50% or more paid, it will bring up a blank page.
13510 In 2013 the cursor focus on the find individual or organization pages was lost.
17655 For Event Registrations, when you add housing, the date field has no options to select a date and will not let you save the housing as the date is required.
17662 When trying to complete a membership transfer, .net error is thrown
17921 When recognizing several months at one time for a deferral. Amount is calculated by the wrong number of periods.
17768 (Refund,Credits, Void)Taxes with a fractional percentage are rounded when calculating tax amount
17747 CEU Credit Generation Task. Extender table insert.
17375 Error Log not being recorded
17865 inv_payment_detail_count in WebCentralizedShoppingCartGetNew Method returns string
17702 When a fake address is added, without a city, the Address Not Found message does not popup but rather saves the record.

Hotfix 8

Issue Number Description
17865 WebCentralizedShoppingCartGetNew Method Returns String in Integer parameter
17702 AVS - Group1 "No Address Found" message is not popping up
16902 Personalized Functionality does not restore "Deleted" profile tabs when selecting Restore/Restore All
18023 When use credit is being used for a different invoice it is Debit and Crediting the A/R account
17469 Cannot add booths booth if Exhibit has booth fee type of ''Square Footage'

Hotfix 9

Issue Number Description
18339 Shopping cart not saving to customer key

Hotfix 10

Issue Number Description
18615 SSO Fails when the user logging in needs to create an account
18687 Transfer Membership/Chapters Results in an error
18666 Correspondence Template Not Functional
18675 eWEB Print Confirmation Page - leads with 5 blank pages
13477 Unable to load web page error is displayed when the session is left for a long time on Login page
18152 When creating an insertion order through a Contract, the price override and discount do not save. It’s on the order detail but when the invoice gets created, it’s incorrect.
18004 CDYNE Integration Updates
18553 In Add Individual form, if United States includes lowercase letters the address verification causes error and record doesn’t save. Country should allow for mixed case letters.
18151 Ambiguous column name in Event Queries
18378 Cannot rejoin member when expiration date is populated

Hotfix 11

Issue Number Description
47382 SQL Broker should be disabled in the application for RLS sites
47383 Need ability to disable SignalR when web sockets are not available or when SQL broker is disabled
18815 Cannot buy shipable products on eweb
18758 Union Dues return process fails when returning invoices with multiple line items.
18819 Open invoices with a tax line item are loading into the shopping cart blank and then with a separate line item for each tax product
18661 Null to decimal run time conversion throwing an exception
18785 Refund CC/ACH/PAYPAL Button for Check/Cash Credits Becomes Checkable After Changing Refund Type or Batch
18660 All reports not rendering in output
47381 App pool recycling and session expiration should not delete disk cache
18767 The object serialization process is currently synchronous. It should happen in a separate thread (preferable the same thread that does the actual “save”.
18787 Union Dues: Payment Async Save Failed Error
18852 Incorrect Tax Calculation in the Xweb Shopping Cart

Hotfix 12

Issue Number Description
16732 XSL Generator control is incorrectly caching
18794 Certificant Dates data type issue in certificant log
18044 Error Adding Defaulted Linked Address


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